SOK stiftelsen

You can apply for support by completing the application form. Don’t forget to mark which profession you belong to. You can complete the application form digitally and then save it and email it to the foundation. You can also send the form by post. The address is printed on the form.

When can I apply for support?

You can apply for support if you are in the applicable age range for your profession.

  • Dancers: 35–43 years old
  • Chorus singers, soloist singers, musical theatre artists: 45–56 years old
  • Musicians: 55–64 years old

In order to receive active support, you must have worked for at least 18 months at one or more performing arts institutions over the past five years. Different professions have different qualifying periods for financial support. Find out what qualifying period applies for your profession here

What is a qualifying period?

A qualifying period is all the periods of employment you have had at a performing arts institution that is covered by the SOK agreement. This means that you can only count your periods of employment at employers on the list below (as only they pay in premiums for career adjustment and transition). It is important that in your application you include all the periods of employment you have had at the listed performing arts institutions. Both temporary and permanent employment should be included. Periods of employment at other employers should not be included. If you have worked on a self-employed basis (by invoicing the institution) this time cannot be included in the qualifying period.

You must also state if you have taken a leave of absence from particular employment at an employer that is covered by the agreement, for example to work elsewhere. You must also state if you have taken parental leave from your employment at a performing arts institution or if you were on continuous sick leave. Nine months per child and 12 months per sick leave can be counted for in your qualifying time.

Once we receive your application, we will send you confirmation of receipt.

You can find information about the applicable rules for different professions here

The application form is available here (PDF format)

Application form - musicians (PDF format, in swedish)