SOK stiftelsen

SOKstiftelsen is a collective agreement foundation established by the employee representative organisations the Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film (Teaterförbundet/för scen och film) and ‘Symf’(the Swedish Union of Professional Musicians) and employer representative Swedish Performing Arts (‘Svensk Scenkonst’). These parties appoint SOKstiftelsen’s board of trustees. The trustees are listed below.

SOKstiftelsen’s trustees are:

  • Mikael Brännvall (Chairman), Swedish Performing Arts

  • Jaan Kolk (Deputy Chairman), Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film

  • Susanna Dahlberg, Swedish Performing Art

  • Maria Bratt, Swedish Performing Arts

  • Henrik Marmén, Swedish Performing Art

  • Bo Olsson, Symf, the Swedish Union of Professional Musicians

  • Mika Romanus, Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film 

Employers covered by the SOK agreement

The employers covered by the agreement are located throughout Sweden. These are performing arts institutions that are publicly funded and that were previously covered by the PISA regulation.

Here is the full list of employers who are covered